Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Year Ago Today

Another in our occasional series showing how things have moved on at the Turnip house.

October 8th 2011, the 'Gallery' - A roofless shell that had once been a cow byre

10th October 2012 - Our new home - a delight!

only the window opening gives a clue!

October: Sunshine & Colour

It's less than two years since we started on the garden  and yesterday evening  perfect for a stroll around our creation, taking in the vibrant colours

our birch trees - now as tall as us, leaves turning

Gladioli at the gallery door - past their best, but still great

violas - thanks to Julie, container - thanks to Caroline and Paul!

wild sage, a present from Mary & Daniel

the cherry tree


bronze fennel in the Turnip House Courtyard

a glimpse of pink hollyhock

solitary sunflower; last of a great vintage

agyranthemum - still giving a fantastic display

fuchsia on the lawn - and chickens

Tom's Stone

Day Lily - only just flowered

orange crocosmiae

Sweet peas. All summer these have kept us in table decoration for the gallery

brilliant hawthorn berries in the hedge

our first cabbages coming on 

fantastic array of green beans, but alas we fear too late to ripen before the winter

out favourite fuchsia

looking out from the gallery