Sunday, August 15, 2010

Secret Garden

We've been at the house today - beginning to uncover just what is there.
In front of the house is what looks to be a traditional cottage garden - at some 45 feet square it is pretty substantial. It is so overgrown that it has begun to take over the house, with ivy rising over the roof.It's really hard to get a feel for the size of it from the outside, and impossible to get into it.

There are three garden gates, one in each wall We have started to fight our way in.

We didn't think much would have survived the overgrowth of 33 years of neglect, but amazingly, plants are staring to appear!

We have roses, laurel, ornamental grasses, and more - a list will follow!

It is so exiting to work our way through

the jungle

a glimpse

still preserved: the formal path edges

like a sleeping beauty

hidden away - a secret garden

more to discover!


less than two miles away is Legananny Dolmen; one of Ireland's finest prehistoric monuments.It has been standing for over four thousand years.