Monday, November 12, 2012

Glorious Decay

Like everywhere round here, the weather conditions have made for a most colourful Autumn. 

Even our new trees, put in as bare root 'whips' 9 months ago, are giving a display.

Here's some images from a walk yesterday round our soon-to-be-woodland.
Rowan, planted in January 0.5m tall; now 1.5!

Hawthorn berries

willows, aglow



almost 2m high looking toward the Mournes

our willow walk begins to appear

Vincent's Oak is thriving

dots of glorious colour - there are 40 native trees in this space

across to Slivenaboley

Charlie in the 'woods'

a rose in the green lane

silver birch

the silver birch grove by the car park - lovely
Looking forward so much to what the coming years will bring!