Wednesday, April 18, 2012

'The Mountains Create Their Own Weather'

Another of My Mother's phrases. Its true.

Exhibit 'A':

today, just before sunset, a clear blue sky, and clouds above the Mournes


There are times when nothing seems to go fast enough! 

It seems like an age since we started it, and yet the end seems far away.

Still, that way madness lies: 

This was after our conscious choice.

And the whole point is the journey.

And when you look at where we've come from since September, it is true to say that we are going in the right direction:

One corner, of one room, almost finished

the same place last September

Back to Cambridge

Eleanor and Elaine are off to Cambridge today.

I'm sure the reunion will be terrific!

But it's a bit quiet round here now

miserable job of the day: washing and drying Eleanor's things
Charlie in recovery mode

It's one of those days!