Monday, August 27, 2012

Ben At Work!

We had a great week with Ben, building walls, walking the dog, and, most importantly  cleaning up the main entrance.

Job Done!
 The Left hand Pillar had been removed in order to get the mobile home on to site, so this had to be rebuilt, and a cap, kindly donated by our good neighbour Frank, put into place - definitely a two man job, and I couldn't have done it without Ben's help

the scene two years ago

cap in place on the rebuilt pillar

finishing touches
 It's always good to have an extra pair of hands when mixing cement - and moving heavy concrete blocks.

But also good to get some R&R in Donard Forest by the Glen River

After repairing the Pillar, attention turned to the gates themselves.
Many years of neglect had left them in a sorry state, so much time and effort was spent by Ben in cleaning them up and applying primer.
As the clean up progressed, the makers mark became visible:

years of paint has covered up the maker's mark

now the fun bit!
And so the gates are brought back to life.
Happy 100th birthday!
J Walker Ballyward (2 Miles away) 1912

Thanks Ben, Great Job!