Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Room Upstairs - more pictures

More pictures form our latest adventure! We've never been in this room despite being here for a year - it was too unsafe to get into it - the water from the holes in the roof have rotten all the way from top to bottom, leaving a gaping hole in the floor. Thanks to some scaffolding boards and an acro prop we were able to bridge the gap.

This room was not a bedroom in it's later years (back in the 1970's) but an office (so we were told by the family) , there is a table chairs fantastic dresser and tons of documents - bills, Vat returns and things like that.

this will again become a great room!

Mostly dry, although there are some disturbing cracks over the doorway - just wonder how far up they go? Time and care will tell!

downstairs - the vital acro prop!

upstairs - a bridge too far for Charlie?

wonderful cane table

books, documents, slippers!

an interesting piece - one of a pair on the dresser

just how far up this collapse goes will be a critical question

looking out into the front garden

the central table, with documents, wallpaper rolls, an old print...

a very unique candle holder

the fine dresser - still in great condition

beautiful carvings - but of what era?

The Final Room Upstairs

thanks to  scaffolding boards and an acro prop very kindly donated by Paul, we've just been into the last room in the house - too unsafe to go into without artificial support!

Here's a first look - more to follow....

feel a little bit like Howard Carter!