Friday, July 26, 2013

Flailing About

It was our 32nd wedding anniversary yesterday! 
What better way to spend it than cutting a 10 metre diameter circle in our grasslands.
This was not to imitate Aliens from outer space (nor to attract them), but to mark the site for our future round house.

The old faithful flail was hired from Duggan's Hire centre in Maghera, and, by nine am we had set to work measuring and cutting.

Charlie's got the idea!

measuring rope

the beast - a flail from Duggans

in action - starting the second circuit

almost finished the first cut
artists impression!
the plan - almost exactly as it worked on the ground

the crop circle
we also extended the fruit garden, tackling the last of the rushes
meanwhile... a storm was brewing

didn't it rain?

the largest raindrops we've ever seen

making the water butt into a moonscape

creating our own moated vegetable bed!

raising the trickle of our river into a torrent

the sun came out in the evening, but there's still a lot of energy up there

leading to a misty sunset

and another glorious morning

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

what a difference 12 hours makes!

Today Summer temporarily halted up here in Benraw. The day dawned murky and cold.

Warnings of thunderstorms and tornadoes abounded on the internet.

But, without incedent, the day passed over into glorious evening sunshine - 

murky gloom this morning

clarity - this evening
the Mournes majestic:

sun has returned!

Sunday, July 14, 2013


This May and June we had the delight of having Eleanor on holiday for almost month - happy memories!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Return of a Classic

We first started making felt waistcoats over ten years ago. A happy coincidence has revived them!

Back in January our old friend Raymond came up to see the new Gallery, wearing his waistcoat which was still looking pretty good.

Steve, our friend from the Lacken Bog was around, saw it, and commissioned another one.

So, here they are again!

flashback: Eurocraft 2002

source material


Furby knows where it's soft!

ready to felt
pattern templates
Elaine sewing


Steve's one

neck and selvedge detail

pocket detail
thanks Steve!

If you want one, you can buy or order on our website!