Friday, March 13, 2015

Helping Hands

A big, much belated thank you to our champion work team, Caroline, Georgie and Paul, who last month came and gave us the final shove to get the terrace, from Gallery to Felt studio finished.

Their hard work has made such a difference - we're ready for Spring now!

I had the good fortune to be working upon the roof today (yes folks, it may even be completed this year!) and the birds eye view was stunning:

The terrace from above
The workers:
measuring, moving, laying

Charlie - helpful as ever!

making a pathway from Gallery to Studio

and to think one year ago - it was like this!

mounds of rubble and rubbish - from the house

like a post-blitz experience
Without their help, it would probably still be like that - rather than this:

the terrace today - imagined without the mobile home!
towards the Mournes

a glorious sunset tonight

tête à tête in the water tank
We are lucky, and grateful -  thank you!