Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

We've started the New Year with some Spring Cleaning - in the house.

One of the priorities for 2012 is the roof of the house - we need to stabilise the situation, so we can then be content that it is not going to deteriorate further.

First of all it will have to be emptied - we've made a start, and as ever, found more treasures.

light streams in through the back door and landing window

the passageway to 'the shop' and what will be our bedroom and en suite

the existing bathroom 'the best in the Townland' (in 1959!)

looking back into the kitchen

as good as new! after a bit of a dust

more to find in there!

time has not been kind to the range

a very fine airing cupboard - here will be the kitchen sink

a collection of motley furniture

the magnificent red tiled floor

hand made fire implements that we found by the range
We found a toasting fork, ash rake, and (in the centre of the picture) a pair of hand forged tongs. 
We're lucky enough to have another pair like these - and they were used to tend a large open fire (like in our Trassey House) so perhaps there is a large fireplace behind the range?

could we find another like this??

Celtic Fusion

Our dear old friend Annie from Black Dragon Crafts has commissioned a sweater from us.

Her idea was to blend two of our most popular designs into one:

the new creation hot off the press
It works really well - inspired - thanks Annie!

hanging up to dry in the workshop - to be ready for the post tomorrow

It should be with you in time for Showcase in Dublin at the weekend

Good Luck to all at the Show!