Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mourne Ice Age

The snow, now clear of the fields lingers in the Mournes, picking out every detail of the track of the ice which one scoured them

here is a montage taken this evening of the Mourne Mountain range as we see it:

The Red Kites were our constant companion today, wheeling against the mountain.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Famine Fields

The snow is on it's way fast, washed by torrential rain, and temperatures at a dizzying 4 degrees Centigrade!

Remnants of snow lie against the ditches, and in the hollows, picking out the ghostly traces of the ancient famine fields, dug by hand to grow the potato.

these stripes,made by the creation of 'lazy beds' lie on land not cultivated since the 1840's - the famine years

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this is the steep slope down to the river - used only for grazing now
traces remain even on this lower field,  normally invisible highlighted by the snow

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Winter Comes

Not since the our first winter in Benraw have we seen so much snow!

36 hours of rain turning to 18 hours of snow and wind has left us in an ice-sculpted land:

the old house

Charlie likes the snow - I think!

it's that sticky stuff

really sets off our growing agricultural collection!

'ice teeth' on Frank's barns

under here somewhere is the eco toilet

gallery guttering under strain

winter wonderland

single track road; no traffic

a trip up here is not recommended!

Charlie - blizzard fashion!
the Turnip House courtyard

public spirited farmer clears the road

self portrait with snow

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

December's Weather

We are still archiving weather data collected by our trusty weather station. 

They can be downloaded 


December 2012

"Warm in parts; wet and windy and times" according the the Met √Čireann report 

For us, temperatures were below freezing at night for the first few days of December, but thereafter, never went below freezing, and was around the 10 degree mark for most days.

Interestingly, according to Met √Čireann the rainfall has been quite mixed:

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

2013 and sunshine

The New Year.

Full of hope and expectation for us, with plenty to look forward to, 

  • the growth and development of the plantings, 
  • new friends and relationships, 
  • continued renovationhopefully with the 'big stuff' in the summer 
  • the Gallery, 
  • knitting and felt craft
  • growing our own

We are lucky people

Here are some pictures taken this afternoon as the sun went down - one of the first times we've seen the sun this year!
a flock of starlings startles into the sunlight

Slieve Bernagh

the long view


Charlie gazes on

arty shadows

our rescued hens - all feathered now!

Mr Cockerel

hens on the picnic lawn - and Charlie keeping an eye

Charlie, Donard, Commedagh