Sunday, May 05, 2013

Of Cabbages and Kings

It's a pleasure to be open and welcome people to the Turnip House

a snapshot of conversation today:

local studies, today

  • horse drawn ploughing;
  • abandoned lanes;
  • cashels and souterrains;
  • Pat Kearney's Big Stone;
  • lost roads;
  • orphanages in the Phillipines;
  • townland boundaries;
  • greenhouse foundations;
  • growing food:
  • plant propagation:
  • old maps and their treasures;
  • red Kites and Plovers:
  • Wrens and Robins:
  • fostering children;
  • family history:
  • rivers and townland boundaries;
  • the wondrous Mournes:

"This is better than a pipe of weed"

All Genuine.

Thanks to our fabulous visitors today!

If you like what you see - come over,-  you'll be welcome!