Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Greenhouse reborn - along with the rest of the garden

Last year we were given the really special gift of a greenhouse by our good friends Gary and Mary.

After a fair amount of digging cementing and rebuilding it was ready to serve as a perfect hot growing space for the whole of last summer and Autumn

But, come the gales around Christmas, disaster struck, some of the glass panes shattered, the wind got in and simply shredded it!

We thought at one stage we'd have to abandon it to inevitable decline, but thankfully, shoring up, and many 'temporary' repairs left it the the structure was sound enough to rebuild - although only a single piece of glass was left in one piece!

It had always been the intention to replace glass with plastic as wear and tear took it's toll,. We didn't expect to do the whole lot in the first year. That's what living a mile from the Windy Gap does for you!

one greenhouse kit

foundations - this is probably what kept it from flying away!



very pleased!

December 2013 - disaster
May 2014 - restored!

All the new glazing is 4mm twin wall ultraviolet resistant polycarbonate -hopefully this will survive

we've also added extra mass, and supports against the winds - which double as a new bed/coldframe

no more shards of glass, just growing plants

so good to see
Some pictures of our blossoming garden this evening, now that May is in full spate:

Lady's Smock, from one plant 3 years ago, now we have a hundred!

lost in the garden

we're still mindful of nettles for the insects

view along the boundary to the new 'far seat'

apple blossom

this apple tree is perhaps not big enough to hug yet ....

... but a kiss is even better!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A glimpse of Summer

We've had a lovely day today, re-glazing the greenhouse - in plastic! 

After the devastation wrought by the gales last winter we had no glass left.

More pictures on that subject to follow soon, but today's weather is too good to go unremarked,

Here are some pictures:

what better way to start the day? - feeding the chickens before Playgroup

Charlie looks interested...

... NO Charlie!

Well. OK, just a bit then

Eleanor's Residence!

The Terrace, almost there.

Stunning evening light

down to the Far Seat

A glimpse of our work today - we are feeling very chuffed!

A Wonderful Evening

Poppies in the making