Monday, January 24, 2011

RSPB Northern Ireland Red Kite Project

You may have noticed the identification numbers clearly displayed on the Red Kite that I photographed in the last post. Well, I sent a copy to the RSPB and was delighted to get this from Robert Straughan, Red Kite Project Officer
RSPB Northern Ireland:

Thanks very much for the fantastic photo, this is very useful for us.  Part of my job is to monitor the kites, and this is done by radio tracking and reading wing-tags, as you've managed to do here.  The sighting of this kite is particularly interesting because its radio transmitter fell off before Christmas and we found it in a field close to Garvaghy Hill on the way to Dromore.  We weren't sure whether it was still alive so  it's great to have recent photo evidence that all is well!
 You can see much more information on the fantastic RSPB Northern Ireland Red Kites Project and sign up for their newsletter.

Also well worth a look is:

Their  project DVD 'The Red Kite Runner', it can be viewed online at