Thursday, September 30, 2010

Saturday morning - at the cattle

Our new neighbour - and friend - Frank visits his cattle on crisp September morning

Monday, September 06, 2010



Everyone has been very kind so far, and not laughed out loud at our antics, but some must be asking 'why bother'

Since we first decided to come back from England in 1987, our philosophy has been about the journey; enjoying what we do, celebrating the time together, and  trying to do things a bit better. Sounds a bit pompous, but is really just a simple ethos that gets us through.

I was looking at a publication that inspired us in 1987; called 'Dwellings in the Mournes, a Design Guide' prepared by the Department of the Environment very interesting reading, 

In the introduction it says:

Those who are fortunate to live in the Mournes must realise the natural beauty of the area and the appeal of the heritage of simple local materials in the dwellings built by past generations.

They are possessions of importance because that are so attractive to look at and are a record of man's successful impact on the countryside.

It is important to protect the existing traditional buildings and every means should be sought to encourage their maintenance and careful rehabilitation.

If it had been heeded more, the Mournes landscape would be very different. 

The house in Clonachullion. For Sale as a 'building site' in 1987.  Loved and cherished by us for 22 years, now home to a new family and good for another couple of hundred years!

Charlie and the bucket

Charlie encounters a bucket - what is going on in his head?

Trailer Trash!

The Upper Courtyard, all cleared and very big!

Moving Day

Many thanks to Christy who, at first light on Sunday towed our mobile home the 3 miles up the hill from Leitrim. A stirling performance! 

just a bit of levelling perhaps?

We can now get the services connected, and after  bit of levelling and tying down (it is very windy here today) we'll be all set to move in.

that pillar had to go - it will be rebuilt