Friday, November 21, 2014

Up on the Roof

Almost a year to the day since our expert builders finished the bare bones of the roof on the house, we have finished putting the salvaged slates on the front - hooray!

Much celebration is in order, even if we're only half way there.

it is lovely to see the clean lines as you approach the house, and this means that we can get the scaffolding down from the front - a big visual improvement.

Here's a few pictures - old and new - of the progress.

up on the roof - a spellbinding view!

work in progress - about half way

pretty much there - this side

A sorry sight, once the ivy was cleared away - October 2013. Note the left hand bay, which was raised up later, has smaller slates

Arguably even worse that the last pic! This was all we were left with, once the unstable bits were removed - October 2013
Looking better, brand new chimneys, eaves, and a steel ridge!
November 2013, watertight - more or less, waiting for the slater!

November 2014 - complete! not that all the slates are fine big 14 by 24 inchers. 
Not up to a professional's standard, but a tidy job nonetheless