Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weeding On the 12th

It's a bank holiday here today - and the sun is shining! What better way to enjoy the sun that doing some weeding.

Time in the garden is a delight at the moment, both because there's been so little chance of it due to the rain, and as the plants are looking great

The old water tank was a foot high in weeds when we got back from Scotland, and we've only just managed to rescue the sunflowers. Still, it's most satisfying to look at now.
the red lilies are stunning - and even more than last year

the water tank yesterday - half weeded

these are black hollyhocks that we grew from seed - looking forward to them flowering

the old water tank today - much happier!

a new flowerbed, with newly planted red sage bought by our friends Mary & Daniel
You can see the water tank's old home from here!

the hollyhocks from the other side

lilies and reflections - the workshop

enjoying the sun!

wild, but a vision of purple - the front garden

last year we found one branch, with a couple of flowers, and trained this little rose along the fence, with delightful results