Saturday, April 05, 2014

Spring is Sprung

Yesterday was a lovely day, a real touch of spring - the second this week (bracketed by torrential rain I might add!)

A wander round the garden provided delightful signs of re-growth:

our first peacock butterfly of the year - on a daffodil - don't think I've ever seen that before!

a trio of ladybirds, they are in abundance

speedwell, an import from Carpathia so I understand!

Charlie, daffodils, sunshine, perfect!

our mountain ash trees are now old enough to flower - looking forward to this

full budded Alder

sun sparkles off the river

the majestic willow, sadly lessened in the winter storms, we're hoping it will be OK

bee on willow

he systematically went round the whole flower

Chickens. No not dying, enjoying the sunshine in a dust bath!

tete a tete in the water tank, with mountains

the flowering cherry making a brave appearance

moody mountains

less than a week ago, still a hint of snow on the tops