Monday, January 06, 2014

2013 part 3

The festivities of Christmas now over, family returned to their nests, we are now back to two - and a dog!

Here's a look at the last of 2013 - a fantastic uplifting year!


renovation of the roof is planned at last!

 glorious Summer blends into sublime Autumn

 the greenhouse re-erected


demolition begins, with the back porch

then the roof proper

a sorry sight - very stressful, yet exciting too!

the lowest point - will there be anything left?


rebuilding at last

the infamous steel ridge beams!

looking pretty good now!

ready for the slates, and safe as houses!


a red kite soars in the crystal blue sky

music night with Ciaran Lavery - fabulous!

waiting excitedly for Christmas by the windy Irish Sea

 a dusting of snow  highlights the mountain's bones