Sunday, September 23, 2012


We picked up our six chickens from the nut house last night - we were only going to get five, but on hearing that they had just rescued 210 rather than the 150 they were planning on getting, we (rather feebly) took another one. 

If all works out OK, we'll get some more!

We were genuinely shocked by the state of the poor things, they were supposedly 'free range' hens, but they are in an awful state. 

We've had rescued battery hens before that were in far better condition than these.

Today was there first outing at the Turnip House:

bald and scrawny - not equipped for a brisk windy day

in very poor condition

this one is almost bald

the fan is totally flopped - a tell tale sign of stress and bad condition

meet the Cockerel - look at the difference in size!
Charlie getting acquainted 
 Still, despite their poor condition, and traumatic 24 hours being shifted about, we got 4 eggs form them - better than our own mollycoddled flock! 

We will be posting more pictures in the coming weeks, hopefully showing great improvement