Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Last July we spent an idyllic month up in Clonachullion looking after our dear friends house on Trassey Lane (see the July 2010 posts) We were honoured by the presence of lots of (not so rare up there!) red squirrels:

I can fly like a bird?

While we were there, 14 new chicks hatched under the watchful care of Elaine.

some of the 14 newcomers

And they survived to grow big and healthy.

This February,  4 of them came over to us - to their new home. Not too impressed  by being bundled into a sack and taken in the boot of the car; they were a bit loath to come out for a while.

When they did - day 3- Charlie came home with John after a hard days computer work and unknowingly stumbled upon - chickens! a favourite sport for Charlie!

To cut a long story short; after many days chicken rustling, we ended up with 3. Not bad I suppose.

Now a few weeks on, our new charges are out in the field enjoying their new free range life:

cockerel and one hen in the chicken house

out in the field
two brown banty hens

ruler of the roost

We are now looking forward to the gift of some 'rescued' battery hens promised in the next few weeks. Watch this space!

Getting There

We're still aiming to open the Turnip House by Easter, and have been working flat out to get things ready - hence the lack of posts.

This weekend brought a fine day - the new windows and doors fitted and glazed:

Back in 2010

windows and doors

finally there is life back in the old house