Sunday, August 05, 2012

Picture perfect - Sunday afternoon

Great day today - good (by our current dismal standards!) weather, about 16 degrees C but dry and sunny on and off.

It is good just to be about the Gallery and garden on days like this - not like working at all!

Some pictures:

sunny Sunday - sunflowers

Crocosmiae Lucifer - living up to it's name

the largest daisy flower I've ever seen

Agyranthemum - my favourite

new flower bed and water tank bed - plus Furby on the prowl!

looking to the Mountains

up to Slievenaboley

from the picnic lawn

the Gallery behind the sunflowers

the Sun Terrace - really warm today

the fireplace and dresser

up the street

looking across to the fruit garden

Bernagh with sunflower

Jewellery by Frances White in the Gallery


Renovation Reflections

the roof of the dwelling house - a sorry sight

I have just put down some of our thoughts  for the website on what we're about up here

It kind of sharpens the focus and objectives to take a step back now and again, take stock, and re-prioritise.

Now that the gallery is open, and we are getting a steady flow of people, it really feels like the old place is coming back to life, albeit in a different incarnation. 

It's heartening to see the old newspapers, plans, pictures and artefacts from the house being poured over, sparking conversations about other times and places. 

It feels good.