Sunday, August 05, 2012

Picture perfect - Sunday afternoon

Great day today - good (by our current dismal standards!) weather, about 16 degrees C but dry and sunny on and off.

It is good just to be about the Gallery and garden on days like this - not like working at all!

Some pictures:

sunny Sunday - sunflowers

Crocosmiae Lucifer - living up to it's name

the largest daisy flower I've ever seen

Agyranthemum - my favourite

new flower bed and water tank bed - plus Furby on the prowl!

looking to the Mountains

up to Slievenaboley

from the picnic lawn

the Gallery behind the sunflowers

the Sun Terrace - really warm today

the fireplace and dresser

up the street

looking across to the fruit garden

Bernagh with sunflower

Jewellery by Frances White in the Gallery


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