Saturday, July 23, 2011

Third dimension

Time to add some height to the garden - not least because 

  • a) we need some wind breaks (we're not a mile form the Windy Gap for nothing!) and
  • b) Elaine has 26 runner bean plants to plant!

In keeping with our reuse recycle plans, we're using bits and pieces salvaged from the farm to add interest. They are fascinating artefacts in themselves, and they 'belong' here.

there are a number of gates that could do with a new purpose, and plenty of metal - corrugated tin, wire mesh poles etc.

green beans - very tasty, but still involves double digging!

Ready to plant out

Concrete reinforcement rods - great stakes

Raw materials

almost ready

the finished framework
Planted Out

One of our many gates - staked out at the top of what will be the 'green lane'

The start of the trail