Saturday, June 02, 2012


It's time to think about getting the furniture back into the Mourne end of the gallery.

That at least half of the gallery is at that stage is very exciting!

We've been rounding up all the furniture that we made for the old Turnip House. It has been much abused over the last year or so, moved stored and bumped around.

We have spent the afternoon sprucing it up and making modifications:

Charlie, as ever, is not impressed by furniture moving - makes him uncomfortable!

the long bench
This was designed as a corner unit, and fits together at right angles with another short piece. This is not suited to the new place

So, modifications were required 

the insides - used to be two drawers here.
We removed the corner piece, and made a new end piece to match the other side. We were able to reuse part of the corner piece (in green)

 Painted it ...

Just the part!

 Some more chairs and tables - sanding and painting has done the trick

All soon to be viewed in the Gallery!