Sunday, July 03, 2011

A sweater for a Texas Longhorn Fan

We had a visit from some really nice people over from the US, and they ordered a Triscele sweater. 

In the colors of the Texas Longhorns  . Just washed & pressed it today, and I must say, hanging out in the sunshine it looks well.

It's amazing how the Triscele, a 5,000 year old rock ornamentation, can still appeal today.

washed, pressed and hanging out to dry in the sunshine

July At Last

July has come in - bringing a hint of Summer, We've been enjoying the fruits of our labours and getting out in the garden.

butterflies are appearing. Thanks to Kate for capturing this one

Charlie- prime candidate for the most relaxed dog on the planet - but not the most elegant!

an evening treat!

Eleanor out to grass

the mountains reflected in our big mirror

sewing up in the shade

doors wide open - wonderful

the hanging basket that we got form the Secret Garden, Hillsborough