Friday, July 25, 2014

High Summer

It's hard to believe that we're at the end of out 3rd week of 'Summer Hours' - open every day.

The time as flown by, filled with exciting visitors and events.

With more to come, not least the Benraw Creative Convivium on 23-25 August and temperature, at the moment of 25 degrees C this could be the hottest summer so far!

Here's some pics of Summer in Benraw and a little bit beyond:

campers at the 30th birthday party we hosted

band - and garden


Elaine & Kay

Good Vibes!

The scene this Monday morning - fantastic

redcurrant harvest

the garden and the mountains

this flowerbed has taken on a wonderful life of it's own

sunflowers beginning; foxgloves ending

pots at the Gallery entrance

the view back home to the Dromara Hills from Newcastle - at sunset on Wednesday

the terrace form the old tank

new flowerbeds

Thanks to Paul & Caroline, we are almost finished

Lavender barrow

Ernie - our latest addition to the team!

Panorama of the new Terrace. Without the sterling effort of our friends, this would have been an insurmountable effort - thanks to Paul & Caroline et al!

High Summer

Celery in the raised beds - wow!