Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice Sunshine

Torrential rain all night and drizzle this morning - not much to wake up to on the longest day!

Still, just after noon GMT we were blessed with sunshine, enabling us to mark on the shadow of Tom's Stone almost at it's zenith.

This is the highest the sun will reach this year. 

We are going to create our own sundial to mark the time of day, and season of the year.

the shortest shadow - on the shortest day!

marked with a metal spike

no mountains today

Tom's Stone - where it was found, and lifted up by our good neighbour Tom (we couldn't lift it!)

Don't think that our dial will ever be a complex as this!

check out the Queen's College Cambridge sundial

Vehicles of Yesteryear at Mount Stewart

Had a great time at Mount Stewart on Sunday, busy - and dry!

Much admired all the cars - real classics much loved.

It is on every year - Highly recommended!
arranged in front of the Grand entrance

lovely colour!

that's an unusual configuration




clean lines

plenty of crowds


Morris Traveller - the best!

Our effort was rewarded by plenty of customers and new contacts