Saturday, October 20, 2012

mists and mellow fruitfulness

You can never get enough of the Mournes! No matter what, there is spectacle. Today is a beautiful October morning, calm, a bit warm with mist and a pale pink dawn leading to glorious sunshine.

We are open today as we are every weekend, and we have a thrill of anticipation for guests who will come to sample our craft, the food, and the wonderful scenery. What could be better?

We picked up some nice organic asparagus yesterday, so today's soup is cream of asparagus - a favourite!

misty morning, Mournes

the gallery in brilliant sunlight

portents of a great day ahead

autumnal colours, Slievenaboley and cows - against the horizon


Bernagh looms out of the dawn mist

sunlight catching the dew

one of our rescued chickens has found a new place to lay her eggs - definitely free range now!

Asparagus soup - lunch with a view