Thursday, December 05, 2013


December is upon us. Starting with wonderful weather, right now it is wild and windy. Powercuts, trees down, things that used to be in the house flying all around the garden.

But the roof is in good shape! At the moment only the felt and lath stage, but much dryer and more stable than during the last storms, and this could have been the one to take the roof off, so we are greatly relieved!

Next Tuesday we have a talk from Adam McClure the RSPB Red Kite monitoring officer. As if on cue, we have over the last couple of days been honoured with the almost constant company of at least two, sometimes up to 5 of these magnificent creatures.

sheep are enjoying the rejuvenated fields - welcome back! 

the rooks are still looking for holes in the roof - no chance ha! ha!

Red  Kite in the crystal blue sky

a pair, dancing

such aerobatics!

effortless soaring

and again

we've a smoke on in the workshop - making lots of things for the Craft Fair Season

a kite down by the river
looking forward to this - everyone welcome!