Friday, December 17, 2010


Well the forecasts were right, we have had about 6 inches of snow last night - we only just got home from Elaine's Tap Dancing Demonstration in time.

We woke up today to (another) winter wonderland

we're up for more snow fun!

But it takes a lot to dampen our spirits, we were out trying to make a snowman, but the snow is so cold that it is perfect powder but will not compact enough - yet.

The animals are not so impressed think

Molly at the gate - where have you BEEN?

What do you mean no carrots?

Our three ponies!
The birds are all around the feeders - no chance of getting much else at the moment

snow sculpture

As ever, it's impossible to go inside- the spectacle is incredible


a pair of Red Kites you can see the foremost one calling to the other one

Relaxation - Tiggy Style

Meanwhile, Kate saw Tiggy taking advantage of the sunshine in her own inimical way:

I may be very shy, but when you see me, it's always a treat!
Just as well bearing in mind what we were due for - again

Rowallane Yuletide Market

A date for your diary next year. Usually the penultimate weekend before Christmas, Rowallane Yuletide Market is the perfect blend of Outdoor exercise shopping and good food - all with Christmas in prospect!

For us, over the 20 odd years that we've been doing it, it has represented  the gateway to Christmas, being usually the last craft fair that we do before finishing all our orders and getting ourselves set for the festivities. 

Rowallane: The gateway to the courtyard, where you will find a cornucopia of crafts, foods  - and even Santa!
It did not disappoint this year, with a welcome respite from the weather making it cold and crisp.

Of course, Rowallane is a great place to go at any time of year