Sunday, March 09, 2014

Workday Saturday 8th March

So much of our plan seem to revolve around tons - literally - of 'stuff' that needs to be moved from where it is not/no longer wanted, to where it can be useful.

So it is with the rubble, stones bricks and lime plaster that fill the inside of the house. All must be hacked off and removed  to create clean, dry and stable floors and walls.

We have the perfect use for all this: filling up the corner where we're putting this elevated terrace which overlooks the mountains.

As our self imposed Easter deadline approaches,we are increasingly indebted to those who, after a full weeks hard work come down here for a 'Work Day' moving barrow loads of stuff.

Particular heroes are Caroline and Paul who on Saturday shifted  loads of stuff, and opened up the spectacular living room fireplace. It was a great revelation:

the sitting room as we found it - abandoned 35 years ago

under the floor - lino reused as damp proof membrane

down to the earth sub-floor

a blocked up window? investigation required!

you can trace the whitewash in the inside of the window reveal

alas, the tiled fireplace was rotten


Paul opens up the original

very exciting, revealed for the first time in over 100 years

Eleanor plays the piano (what's left of the poor thing!) W have plans for this though, thanks to Paul's great idea.
Watch this space

underneath the most recent hearth - very old tiles

makers marks - any clues anyone?

beautiful, strawberries we think?