Friday, March 18, 2011

Charlie's Operation

We had a bad scare: Charlie swallowed an open safety pin!

How on earth?

Well don't know if you've heard of bickie pegs, they are teething biscuits (that Eleanor uses). They come with a safety pin at the other end so that Eleanor doesn't loose or swallow it

Nobody told Charlie... when he saw it - biscuit on one end - death on the other!

Still, thank goodness we were there to see it. After two and a half hours of expert surgery from our friends at Castle Veterinary Group, a night on the drip, much TLC and a lot of anxious moments, all is well now.

it's still a bit drafty though!

Let that be a lesson to us - no more 'safety' pins!


snow on the mountains - just like March 2010

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