Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tractors Galore!

Last week it was vintage cars in Mount Stewart.
Today the theme continued with around 150 tractors passing our gates on the Marie Curie Tractor Run!
The line of tractors was a sight to behold, it must have been 3 miles long.
We hope much money was raised for this great charity who provide vital care to those most in need of our help.
Congratulations to all who put in the hard work and made it the success that it was!
In the lead - Marie Curie truck

a beautiful grey Fergie

some old hands!

big and bold

a rare one

I'm loving this!

and they just keep on coming

the apprentice!
still running - along the Lighthouse road across the valley

a rake of blue Fords

so long
tail enders

that was fantastic - when can I get one?

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