Thursday, January 12, 2012


It's been so long since I posted! feels quite remiss - I've had lost of posts (and pics) in my head but events conspired to never let me get down to it.
So here's a few of the remembered ones put down out of time, just to get us up to date

Rowallane Yuletide Market

It's past the Yuletide season I know, but the main aim of this post is to show how much this outstanding garden shines - even in the depths of winter.

mysterious forms

Charlie alert as ever!

bursting with new life

more sculpture / folly

strangely sinister!

resting up!

the mossy wall

everywhere - depth and proportion

the courtyard buildings

the top of the walled garden

still much colour - in December


walled garden perspective


Yuletide Market scene

warming by the fire

the Walled Garden

Bulbs breaking through

and just where is he off to?

the Courtyard entrance

Rowallane Garden is owned by the National Trust, and open every day - well worth a visit any time of year

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