Sunday, July 08, 2012

An eventful week

We've been working flat out on the Gallery (again!) this week. 
Comments from visitors led us to decide that the 'industrial look' floor was not the solution, so we took another trip up to Ikea and got some laminate flooring, along with an oven for the bread and cakes.

Laying the floor was trickier than we thought! But worth it as the overall finish of the gallery has been jumped up a few notches.
Charlie: I can't take much more of this!

the beginning

half way breather

almost there - with lights!


the kitchen area -  with Charlie & Furby

Our electrician came this week and now we have light and power, it looks great.

And to round the week off, we had our first party with old friends - a perfect celebration Thanks to all for a great night!


Wilson said...

You have done a tremendous amount of work to the gallery since my last visit and it sure looks good - Well Done!!
As usual your party was a great event, fantastic food, equally good liquids super craic and a roaring success with old friends.
Thank you for the invite to a memorable night.

John & Elaine McCombe said...

Thanks Wilson! It was great to see everyone and have such a great night. You're welcome anytime!