Saturday, September 01, 2012

Fresh From the Turnip House


Long Long ago when John was but a wee thing, his Mother knitted him bootees. 

knitted confection  perfection

The pattern had been in the family for ages (and so, amazingly, is even older than John!) 

Elaine has taken up the baton and has for years been making them for new arrivals near and far.

Now you have the chance to get some yourselves

All hand knitted, at The Turnip House, by Elaine

Price £15.00 

Sizes and colours to your specification.

Simply email Elaine to get some! 
good enough to eat


Ronnie (RR) said...

They look lovely, so cute. Fab colours altho I would do some brighter ones too, really funky! Much better than candy, such cute booties.

Steve Byrne said...

No sign of bump arriving yet, but we'll be ordering some very soon, I should think. They're fab.

Clonachullion said...

Great, looking forward to the new arrival; will be a pleasure to do them