Wednesday, October 17, 2012


After  a night's (usual) heavy rain, this morning we had about an hour of torrential downpour - complete with hailstones.

The drains on the road, which had been reasonably OK coping with the heavier than average downpours this year  gave up the ghost, and we were inundated, with some never-before-seen-sights in our new garden:

off the fields and on to the road

at our gate - the drain just can't take it

and in!

down into the garden
and on down the yard

in through the front gate....

the side gate ...

and over the front step

down to the garden

we have a lake!

and in the 'vegetable' garden

paddy fields!
here there are newly planted cauliflowers - it said keep them well watered!

a new water feature beside the green beans - there's rhubarb there somewhere

our placid little river

now a raging torrent
 Meanwhile back in the house:

Furby surveys the front garden/river

the kitchen is awash

thank goodness for wellies

the Turnip House Courtyard
still, at least all our new works are nice and dry

a touch of Venice! not that bad!


Steve Byrne said...

If you need a hand clearing anything up just give me a shout. I knew it rained a lot last night but didn't realise it was as much as that....
Surely in the past there must have been some way that they kept water out of the house?

Clonachullion said...

The house is lower than the road, but usually the drains on the road take most of the water, so maybe a little runs into the garden, where there are big drains to take it.

For about an hour today the rain was phenomenal - you could not see across the yard, and it had rained most of the night. That, coupled with a blocked road drain made the situation a whole lot worse than usual.

Still we will have to bear this experience in mind when working out our drainage.

Joan L said...

Wow, can't believe you yards and garden were inundated with so much water.

I hope you guys were OK.

Joan lL

Steve Byrne said...

Does it affect the quality of the well water?

Clonachullion said...

Well water still clear as a bell!

Meaning I suppose that it is deep underground water, unaffected by short term surface effects, and that the well lining and mounting is immune to ground wash off.

Like all the things we've rediscovered here, they seem to have understood and engineered things well.

Also, gives me less reason to worry about the xxxlitre slurry tank that sits under the cattle sheds above us, just across the road!!