Friday, March 23, 2012

Gallery Windows!

The windows for the gallery were fitted today. 
Much excitement, lots of oohs and aahs!
They are just as we had hoped - clean style, allowing in that view, whilst giving it a 'frame' and rhythm 

just as we had envisaged

the north end - light on two sides

this will be the entrance, look at the height difference to be made up
- and the view to greet our visitors

looking South to the Mournes


looking through from one end to the other

is this 'easy clean' glass?

two windows replace existing ones - so clean of line -
we love them!

Now to painting (dark green as with the other windows). 
Glazing should arrive next week.

It will, however, be obvious to the initiated that there's now little likelihood of all this being ready for Easter. Still we are more the tortoise not the hare!


caroline said...

windows..... looking fab

Lauren Fitch said...

Hard to believe this is the same room as our Christmas Grotto. looking great! xxx

Lauren Fitch said...

Hard to believe that this is the same room that we had as our Christmas Grotto, looking great, bet you're desperate to get the glass in! xxx

John & Elaine McCombe said...

Yeah, we're really keen to get the place water (and wind) tight so that we can get working on fitting out the inside. The window glass arrived today, should be in tomorrow so that will be brilliant!