Sunday, April 01, 2012

Find of the Year!

Caroline and Paul are here again to help us with the many jobs that we have about the place

With such a crack team, we thought it time to tackle a major job:

 excavate the piece of ironwork that we found buried in the fruit garden back in 2010

poking out of rubble and nettles August 2010

now flowerbed and beginning fruit garden - you can just see the tip of the artefact on the right mid ground

Today - Paul hard at work

gradually appearing

Look what I found!

I am very proud of this!


Niall&Terry said...

Wow! Now, how do you use that, and what is it for? Looks like an edger, lol.

Niall&Terry said...

Wow, what IS that? Looks like an edger, lol. Too cool for school! What else lies there-under?

John & Elaine McCombe said...

I know! we only saw about 10% of it sticking out of the ground, and it just kept on going back and back into the ground.

It is a horse drawn plough. I think it's a 'Wexford single furrow plough', used for potato ridges.

Much happy searching online awaits!

Will keep you posted....