Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A Very Special Weekend

Hard to believe, this weekend was the last in September.

We took it out with a bang! 

The Big Birthday Party for Eleanor and John, 

A family reunion with Kate & Eleanor and James and Lauren, 

And catering for Lacken Cottage Farm's Permaculture event

Turnip House kitchens pulled out all the stops, making over the weekend:

  • 60 servings of soup
  • 11 loaves of bread
  • 50 evening meals
  • 4 cakes


the birthday girl

Eleanor and friend

checking out the new yarn delivery

Eleanor and James

Lauren James and Charlie

fun at Newcastle play park

Eleanor & Kate

Helping with the chocolate cake!

making sure to get the last bit!

testing the merchandise

proceeds from the catering went a long way to buying our Wind Turbine - like this one at Lacken Cottage Farm - thanks!

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