Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Bye Bye Porch

Exiting time ahead - work on replacing the roof of the Main House starts soon.

It was planned for mid September, but a busy builder and full schedule on our part has lead to a bit of slippage.

So we start in a week or so. Let's hope October's weather is better than September's!

The poor old house has been the neglected 'elephant in the room' since we moved here 3 years ago, not much has been done apart from clearing and archiving the treasures contained within.

Now that we are installed in the Workshop and Gallery, we can begin the main task - preserving an historic vernacular farmhouse, built in the 1800's.

#1 job is to replace the roof - which has many holes, and is the main reason why the house is deteriorating.

Firstly, the old porch has to go - it is rather unsightly, not part of the original building, and is falling down anyway

magnificent - but that porch has to go!

crumbling down - but good slates and bricks

about 90% of the slates are saved - a good job, 

very unstable

half a roof - better than none at all? I don't think so!

that's the timber off, a great relief

the old whitewash finish visible again

mostly easy to demolish

that lintel looks stubborn

nothing a poke with a large stick won't resolve!
in the frame!

note the construction method - large stones for footings, then bricks and lime mortar, then very thick concrete render

a very nice pile of bricks

looking a bit surreal now

thank goodness I had a helper for all that clearing up!

high - and dry!

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